3 month old Rooster - Wenham, MA

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  1. Cindi1972

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    Jun 19, 2015
    Hi All...

    I live in Wenham, MA and I currently have 11 hens ( 5 of which are only 3 months old ) and 2 Roosters. ( 1 of which is only 3 months old )
    Curly is my white Rooster and Hawk is my 3 month old.
    I am looking to possibly rehome the baby, as I already have Curly to protect the girls. I will try and keep both, it is my understanding that if they have enough space they may live peacefully together... but if anyone is interested in adding a Rooster to their flock, and it is a good home, I would love to place him.
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    I am very sorry that you have to get rid of Curly, but as TwoCrows said the best option is to use our In Need of Free Homing Forum so someone else can enjoy him as much as you did. All the best to you and your flock and Curly [​IMG]
    Justin [​IMG]

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