3 Month Old Speckled Sussex Rooster Good With Kids Needs New Home - Gladstone, OR


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May 3, 2016
Our family has a mixed flock that are 3 months old and one of our "hens" turned out to be a rooster! He just started crowing this weekend and Gladstone, Oregon residents arent allowed to have roosters. He has been very well behaved so far and allows us, including our three kids, to pick him up without any fuss. He comes running when he see's us or when we call the chickens to us, especially if treats are involved. He is head of our flock but doesnt bully the other girls, just keeps them in line and calls when treats come out. He is used to being around cats and dogs as well and hasnt charged anyone yet.

We would love to find him a new home where roosters are allowed.


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