3 murdered hens...advice please

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    Apr 27, 2008
    coos bay OR
    Four days ago we came home to find two of our Ameracauna hens (Apollo and leopard) dead outside the chicken run, they had apparently flew out. This has happened before, but they had always waited by the pen for someone to come and put them back in. Leopard had had her neck snapped, and Apollo was near death, with a massive bleeding neck wound. She died in my 13 year old daughter's arms.

    The very next a.m., there was a jack russel terrier barking at our rooster (who lives in a dog kennel r/t his amorous intentions with the hens). My husband ran out and followed the terrier to the neighbors house about 1/4 mile away. We had no proof, but told them what had happened to our girls, and they said the dog would be put down or given away immediately. We made plans to heighten our fence on the coop, cover it, and trimmed all the girls' wings.

    Yesterday we came home to find my precious, favorite hen dying from a massive bleeding neck wound. She is in our icon, our Fayoumi, Ray. The darn dog was outside the fence, teying to claw his way in, barking at our hens. We again followed the stupid dog to the neighbor's, this time carrying my now-dead beloved hen in my arms, and the neighbor told me she knows how i feel....right.

    Now our stupid neighbors refuse to get rid of their rotten dog, saying it would break their 5 year old daughter's heart. I am so angry, I want to kill that darn dog. We now have to get the sheriff's office and animal control involved, and cannot let our hens out of the coop until we have a cover on their run. These birds are everything to us, and have become special pets. When the first two died, I kept thinking, thank God it wasn't my little Fayoumi...and now she's gone because of my stupid, meth-addled neighbors.

    Just wanted to share this with you all, knowing several BYC'ers would understand how bad this hurts us, and I cannot stop crying. This is our first time with chickens, and we have NEVER had a predator problem until now. The hens always get locked up well before dusk, and on the rare occasion when they got out, nothing tried to get them until our neighbor's had to get their precious daughter that darn dog. What about my daughter, who has put her heart & soul into these birds for the last 7 mos? Who has now had to find 3 mangled hens, 2 of which died in her arms?
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    Sooooo sorry. Seems like you've done all the right things as far as making the neighbors aware of the situation, etc.

    So, it's time to get police/Animal control involved. Be sure to DOCUMENT everything - dates times you found the birds, when exactly you talked to neighbors and take pictures of the dog in your yard if you can, and definately your killed birds.

    Sorry you are having to deal with someone else's negligence in keeing their dog on their property...
  3. skyfires

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    I'm so sorry...this loss is very hard to take. But Please, don't give up. Try to fix any holding pen problems, and try again. Nothing heals the heart like new baby chicks. take care,,Tina :aww [​IMG]
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    Jul 30, 2008

    You don't say where you live, rural, suburban etc.

    Honestly, here is how I feel about it.

    First time shame on you.

    Second time shame on me.

    I would have done what you did, I would have told the owners the first time, the second time no such courtesy!

    When I lived in a rural environment I simply would have shot it, period end of story. I would have shot a fox or coyote so a dog is no different to me. It's a predator and my duty as a poultry owner is to protect my birds and my money.

    If the owner can't keep it from running wild and destroying other peoples property they don't really care about the dog IMHO anyway. The are putting the dog at risk of being hit by cars, attacked by other domestic or wild animals, disease or being shot by landowners protecting their property.

    I now live in a suburaban area and shooting a gun is out of the question. I have 3 acres and it is surrounded by a chain link fence. I have had neighbors dogs dig and climb in. My chickens are in a secure run. The first time I catch them I take them to the neighbor and ask they keep their dog from coming onto my property. The second time I catch them I simple take the dog to the local animal shelter. Beleieve it or not they never question if it is my dog or not.
    I know many are going to stongly disagree with this method, however, I have over 30 years of dealing with poultry and dogs and I have tried to be Mr. Nice Guy and it has gotten me know where except dead poultry.

    By the way, I have always had dogs as well, currently have two. I can honestly say I can count on one hand the number of times in my life my dogs have "escaped" my property. Dogs are like any other animal if you are going to have them then it is my responsibility that they cannot escape and leave my property. This does cost money but if I am not willing to do what it costs to keep them on my property then I should not have them.
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    Jan 29, 2008
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    I'm sorry you lost your hens to a dog.
    From experience I know that if your neighbors has dogs they will be your biggest predator problem.Many people feel it is alright that a dog runs free especially if you live in the country.If you complain,your the bad unfriendly neighbor.I have a zero tolerence for uncontroled dogs.I think after the neighbors noticed that their dogs were not coming home,over time they'd get the hint and keep better track of their dogs.
    I've had neighbors tell me their dogs don't run loose.Even after I seen them.I've caught the dogs and tied bailer twine around their collars with many knots so I would know the owner would not miss it.What really works is to spray paint a big X on the dogs side.They get the hint real fast.Do what you have to to take care of the problem.good luck. Will
  6. MandyH

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    I'm with scooter, if you live in the county where you are able to discharge a weapon, by all means shoot the dog. I am an avid animal lover and could never shoot a dog in my life, UNTIL we kept having this same problem with the same dogs. They have killed 3 grown blue slate turkey hens, approx 65 pullets, 2 of my 3 year olds cats and taken off numerous pairs of shoes!!! Now enough is enough. If you don't fix it, nobody will fix it for you. The sheriff and animal control won't do anything if you don't have pictures/video of the dog in the act of killing the birds or being aggressive to a human. Now that's if you live in the county, you didn't say where you were. We have been going through this for several years now and believe me you will eventually get your fill and not tolerate even one mess up from a dog, much less 3. My motto now is if it's on my property, obviously the owner doesn't care about it, so kill it before it kills my birds. The sheriff is in agreement with me.

    ETA: Document, Document, Document EVERYTHING with pics or video in case of a civil court event.
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    Feb 11, 2008
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    Jack russel terriers are tenacious and persistent. Don't be surprized if putting a top on the run doesn't help. It may dig under or through the wire. It may also terrorize the birds through the wire. Watch for it. The next time it shows up take it to the pound or shoot it. If you take it to the pound it might actually find a good home. Once it is at the pound, call a Jack Russel rescue group and tell them that you happened to see one there. They might pick it up and rehome it. If the owners are so worried about breaking the 5 year old kid's heart, they wouldn't let the dog run loose. It could get hit by a car or anything. Maybe they will supervise it better since they know it has been a problem. Be prepared if they don't. Some people think that their sweet dog's right to roam is more important than your pet's safety. I hope they turn out to be good neighbors and take better care of their dog.
  8. LilRalphieRoosmama

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    So sorry for your loss [​IMG] The bad news is that once a dog kills a chicken, it won't stop. I personally couldn't shoot a dog (especially as I live in the suburbs) but I agree with another that I would take it to the pound because it will keep returning.

    Good luck to you -
  9. vfem

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    Aug 4, 2008
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    Shoot the dog! Off it! I really could care less about their whining.... if they can't control their dog it is your right to say bye bye doggy!

    I hate jack russel terriers... my neighbor breeds them so I'm always nervous one of her dz will get out of their pen and get one of my girls.

    Sending good vibes to the family that this will not happen again.
  10. scooter147

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    Jul 30, 2008
    Follow up.

    Check you local laws as to your rights.

    When I lived in Illinois state law gave landowners the right to "kill any animal that chased, harrassed, maimed or killed any domestic livestock without harm (criminal or financial) falling on the landowner"

    One example, a guy who lived about 1/2 mile down the road raised sheep and another guy down the road raised and trained blue tick coon hounds. Both animals worth a "few dollars" well the coon hound owner thought it was ok to let his coon hounds run in the evening to hunt coons (without supervision of course).

    The coon hounds eventually found the sheep AND lambs and found it great fun to chase them. The owner of the sheep shot and killed several of the dogs. The coon hound owner took the sheep owner to court to recoup damages. I was told the case didn't last 3 minutes in court before it was dismissed without cause. Keep in mind the coon hounds did not kill the sheep just chased them.

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