3 mystery genders!


Nov 10, 2018
Hello, I am new here and to chicken raising! We have 4 birds currently 11.5 weeks old.

3 are from TSC. 2 EE and 1 Cinnamon Queen. I’m pretty sure at least one of the EE is a pullet. The other two birds from TSC i’m iffy on! I thought we were safe on the CQ because of color sexing, but I don’t know that it’s a 1st generation CQ, so I’ve read that’s not 100% after that.

1 is from a small local hatchery. It is supposed to be a 1st gen Olive Egger. She said it was sexed by its head color. But I’m unsure now!

So here are the three I’d like some outside opinions on. :). Thanks for any input!

Olive Egger 11.5w

Cinnamon Queen 11.5w


Easter Egger 11.5w



6 Years
Jul 6, 2016
NW Washington state
Yep, they are all pullets. Cinnamon queens are sex linked-- TSC wouldn't be selling second generation sex links, so yours is the right color for a female. Also, its comb and wattles are pale and small, like a pullet of that age.

The olive egger is probably a black copper Marans/ cream Legbar cross. I don't know what the breeder was talking about with being able to sex them by head color, unless she or he meant the head spots that are present in barred birds. A male legbar crossed to a female BC Marans would give barred males and non-barred females, so only males have head spots as chicks, not the females. But yours is a definite pullet, regardless.

The Easter egger is also definitely a pullet. Small, pale comb, and female type coloring.

So you lucked out, unless you wanted a cockerel.

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