3 Q's,Hen on unfirtile eggs for a month,

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    1) My hen (serama) is on 3 unfertile eggs [​IMG] and I read on a post earlier to take the eggs away from her at night. well she is a bantam so we used the hard dog food bowls for nests and when I took the eggs in to candle them and nothing was growing I thought darn so we left them in with her hoping for life. but today makes a month and I was wondering how long should I wait before putting the bowl back in with her so she can start laying more eggs. I have 36 BR & RIR in the bator on day 1 today. so should I wait about 2 weeks then give her a couple of those? please my little hen is a serama, So what should I do? If I take the eggs out she justs sits on the bowl like she has eggs under there.

    2) also I have heard that seramas aren't supposed to be broody but man all the ones I have had are broody as heck,

    3) When do chicks start crowing? (cockerals)

    Thanks so much!
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    Take her off and remove the bowl. If possible put her in a different location. Next time she goes broody stick some fertile eggs under her.
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    Chicken eggs incubate for 21 days. It's been a month, so take them away from her.

    Cocks will start to crow anywhere from 3 weeks & onward. It really depends.

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