3 roosters and no hens ??


Aug 18, 2016
So about a month ago 3 rhode island reds showed up at my house. (I live in town). I've asked around the neighborhood to find the owners and no one has claimed them. I built a coop and started caring for them and they have become my pets.i thought they were hens at first but as they are getting older I have discovered that all three of them are roosters and I'm new to the chicken world! So my question or questions are.. is it possible to raise 3 rooster with no hens ? Will they get along with each other when they mature ?? And what will their behavior be like as in aggressive? Tame ? What should I expect or is it in the best interest of the chickens for me to find homes for them ?? Any info is greatly appreciated ! Thanks !


7 Years
Jul 29, 2013
Southern Illinois
Welcome to BYC! There is a pretty good chance that they will live peacefully together with no hens to compete for. However, a roo's personality may change drastically once those hormones start kicking in and is difficult to predict their behavior until then. If they were to turn aggressive, it would be during this time (usually at around 16-18 weeks old). They may very well not as well. You may also want to check on ordinances in your town regarding chickens, particularly roosters, to make sure you are legally allowed to own them.

Buttercup kim

Aug 19, 2016
Hi I'm new to this. I have chickens fi the first time love it. Unfortunately I ended up with a rooster and need to find a place for him asap! I live on the south shore any suggestions?

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