3 roosters how many hens?


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
Two years ago I let my broody hen hatch out 3 eggs, all were roos. I couldn't give them away so my DH built another coop, 9x10 for them. They get along great. I wanted to add pullets since my girls (in the original coop 8x8) are getting older. ..[4-9 years old.]

How many pullets would I need for them?

*** I tried to put the girls in the bigger coop after it was built.....they freaked out, wouldn't have it***

People think I am crazy but I had six roosters two summers ago for the same reason. Broody hen hatched 6 chicks and four were roosters. My "old man" died that summer and one of the young ones ran into the road for some reason. A fox got a third one.
I have 15 hens. Most would say that is not enough and that may be true. I am adding 5 new ones this spring. But the roosters have their own pecking order and they have their own favorite hens. They even have their own duties as far as taking care of the hens. The newest one who is the lowest in pecking order is in charge of a hen who decides to nest in odd places. He guards them until they have laid their egg. It is funny to watch him pace like an expectant father. The big boss is always "out in the field" with the hens as they wander the yard. The one in the middle does a little bit of everything.
I stopped getting Buffs since they are so interested in sitting on the nest and hatching chickies!! My other hens could not care less.
Good luck.
i had 2 roos with 10 hens and they were fine..... my hens were not overly mated... 1 roo was the boss, the other 1 was always on guard and an oppurtunist when mating..... 6 or 7 hens hung out with the boss and 3 hung out with mr opportunity..... everyone got along fine, as chickens go..... every now n then the boss would make sure no.2 knew who no1 was....... i'd say with 3 roos you're fine with 15-20 hens as long as there is plenty of ranging room....

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