3 roosters to a good home, need gone ASAP

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  1. winteree

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    I am looking to get rid of 2 roosters. I need the birds gone as soon as possible. I am in the grand prairie, texas area.

    Note i am willing to take a best offer and a separate knowledge wavier must be signed for all birds leaving my property weather for meat or pet purposes.
    This wavier states that the bird(s) are being used for meat or livestock purposes and that the birds will not be used for rooster fighting.

    I am selling the 3 roosters shown above the ages of the roosters are a minimum of 30 weeks old all of the roosters are BANTAM SIZE. All roosters are fully feathered, disease free and are proven flock protectors with a gentle human disposition. Roosters are needed for a hen to lay fertilized eggs (if you want chicks).

    -The white Cornish rooster is free
    -The Brown leghorn Is $8

    The brown leghorn and blue rooster both with a bit of training would make good show birds or starter pets for
    older children

    I am willing to trade a number of things for the birds if you have something that isn't on the list that you would like to trade for the birds call or pm me.

    -Hardwire cloth (must be in one piece, un-rusted and a minimum of 10 square feet per bird)
    -Feed (must be layer feed, %16 protein, UN-medicated, unopened, and bug, mold free,10lbs bag per bird or 25lbs bag for all birds
    -Nest boxes (Any make. wood, plastic, etc, but must look new-ish, must be free of cracks, dents, and poop strains Must be able to fit large hens comfortably. willing to trade two large nest boxes in return for all roosters
    -Sand (Play sand is preferred but willing to accept most store bought concrete free baged sand. 25lbs bag per bird)

    Unless you are getting the roosters for meat, You must be able to show me proof of responsible past chicken ownership, present chicken ownership or the intent to be a responsible chicken owner you must be able to show one or more of the things listed below.

    1.Receipt for a prefab coop
    2.receipt for building materials for coop with at least one picture of design idea
    3.receipt for chicks from feed store or on-line hatchery
    4.Npip certification
    5.Past vet bills, etc

    i will not ship these birds in the mail so a meet up will need to be set up. While i would like to have the same person to buy them all i am willing to let single birds go to individual family's.

    Pm me for further details and pics.
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  2. Wanex

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    May 20, 2014
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  3. winteree

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    did you want a rooster or was that a accidental posting?
  4. Wanex

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    May 20, 2014
    I accidentally posted that im sorry.
  5. winteree

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    no problem if you kow someone that wants them for pet or meat please pm me
  6. Wanex

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    May 20, 2014
    Ok I'll keep that in mind.
  7. andrea12345

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    Mar 8, 2015
    Do you still have all three chickens
  8. winteree

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    Yes sorry for the delay. But be forewarned I'm in Texas and can't travel very far and I need verification of reasonable chicken ownership and you must provide your own pet carriers or crates.

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