3 Sebastopol Goslings, 2 african goslings, and 2 mallard ducklings

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    I have 3 sebastopol goslings for sale they are $60 each. I had planed on keeping them forever but because of money issues latley I have to cut back on quite a bit of my animals. I bought 6 eggs online from a lady in California and 3 goslings hatched out about 2 and a half weeks ago. The eggs were from geese that are Holderreads blood lines. The parents are beautiful birds with flowing feathers. There are 2 girls and a boy that hatched. I will add pics of the goslings when I get home.

    I also have 2 african goslings that I bought from Big R about 3 weeks ago that I need to find homes for. They are $10 each.

    And I also have 2 mallard ducklings for sale. $5 each. 1 week and half old

    these are the parents...they are not mine, the lady i bought them from sent me some pictures of the parents

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