3 Silkie Roos, 1 Bantam Frizzle Cochin Roo, Need Good Homes!

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    Mar 14, 2010
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    I have 1 black barred frizzle cochin, 1 white silkie, and 2 black silkie roos that are in desperate need of good homes. All have been raised by myself and young son. They can easily be handled, as my son will pick them up and carry them around the yard. The frizzle is not as easy to handle though. We ended up with too many roos and need to find them good homes. My son is very upset that he has to let them go but I promised him we would find them nice families. [​IMG]

    The silkies are very pretty but the two black do have some graying in the neck area (one more so than the other). All were hatched out last summer.

    I will try to load some pictures in the next day or so. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!

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