3 silkies, all have respiratory infection (MG), is it okay to give sulfamethoxazole Trimethoprim???

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    Need your help!!!
    I have 3 silkies relatively small that are so sick; sneezing, congestion, eye mucus, fatigue. We had a rooster who has always been extremely healthy and spunky about 1 1/2 year old, we added two new hens to keep him company and about a week and a half later he started showing all these symptoms of illness and now one of the hens is showing severe signs as well. I’ve called every exotic vet in Miami and no one is open or available to come see them, it kills me to see our normally feisty, rambunctious rooster fatigued, quiet, and ill! They are only pets no consumption of eggs or meat. I grabbed some sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim at the feed store it says it can be used for pigeons, pet birds, exotic birds. Only kind of med I found, it doesn’t specially state it is safe for chickens, does anyone have any experience with this medication? Is it okay to give that dosage?
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    You would be better off using tylan which is available at Tractor Supply Co (TSC) and possibly feed stores. You'd have to call around and ask. The tylan would be more effective if in fact you're dealing with MG. The SMZ-TMP and tylan together would be effective in treating coryza. You can tell if birds have coryza if there's a foul smelling odor around the head area.
    Here's a link for you to read about MG:
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