3 to 4 day old chick died. Now woundering what from.

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    i bought 5 silver laced wyandottes (pullets) from ideal poultry last week. There was one that I thought never acted right. when it cherped it was always louder than the rest like it was in pain.
    what it was doing is....

    1. did not seem balanced. would be standing up and fall over backwards with out being touched.
    2. when it cherped you could hear it over the rest from inside the house.
    3. this am when I took it out of the pen away from the rest and put it in a field to die it could not even stand up for more than 2 seconds then it would fall over. it laid on its back for a couple of minutes before I picked it up. once it fell in the water fountain face first i thought it was going to drown.

    the other chicks are doing fine they are growing and eating and playing around. I now have 4 silver laced wyandottes and 10 other chicks [​IMG]

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