3 week chick with neck turning

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  1. I have a cornish/rock chick that just started turning his neck and head funny. He is eating for now. What is this? Thanks.
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    Sounds like wry neck. Wry neck can be caused by a nutritional deficiency, injury, toxicity, or can be hereditary. Sometimes they can come out of it, sometimes they adapt, and sometimes it is severe enough they need to be culled. Do a search on crook neck or wry neck and you'll probably get better answers- sorry I'm not much help.

    Good luck!
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    May 13, 2010
    I had a hen that this happened to about a month ago (that would make her 13 weeks). Head was hanging on ground, she could not lift it, big hook neck, and making sounds like a goose. I thought she was a goner, but checked out this site...all info on wry neck is right on and she recovered fully. Thank goodness for BYC!
  4. Thanks for the answers!

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