3 week old babies

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    Jul 23, 2014
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    That didn't take long! I put the baby ladder in the baby coop and checked on them 2 hours later and a Wellsummer had figured out how to perch on the top! Another milestone today, I put up the temporary wall in the run. It limits their access from the whole run to a small 5 foot section. It took the nosy buffs all of 5 minutes to start poking their heads out of the door! They wouldn't let us get too close for a picture though, they'd run right back in!
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    She's adorable on the ladder[​IMG] LOL yes, nosey buffs - you nailed it on them. They are always up in somebody's business[​IMG]
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    Aww, kids today...they grow up so fast!

    Cute pictures, thanks for sharing them [​IMG]
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    So cute! [​IMG] Doesn't take them long, does it? Enjoy!

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