3 week old BR trampled by 6 week old Pekin duck

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    Hello everyone! I hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

    Some background...
    This is my second year raising chickens, and this year, we decided to try adding 2 ducks to the flock.
    When I went to pick up my day-olds, the lady at the feed store had 2 week old Pekin ducklings to give away, because she had a 93% hatch rate, and was literally overrun by duckies. We were told to brood them with the chicks, as long as they had room to move out of the heat lamps, since they were already begining to feather. We were also told that it was better that the ducklings were older so that the ckicks didn't pick on them. Well everything has been going great so far, and the chicks actually think the ducks are momma. When they are startled or cold, they all try to get under the ducks. So cute!! [​IMG] The ducklings don't seem to mind the chicks, and are thriving.... which is the problem. The ducklings are 6 weeks old now, and are roughly the size of a full grown chicken. They are also VERY clumsy as they try to master those giant webbed feet of theirs.

    When I went out to check on my chicks yesterday morning, I noticed one of my Barred Rock chicks (3 weeks old) was not walking very well. I am assuming it must have been trampled by a duck. I picked it up and moved it to the water fount for a drink, and it drank quite a lot. It is having a hard time standing for any length of time. I brought her inside the house, and put her inside a small pet crate. I filled an empty bottle with hot water and wrapped it in a rag (for warmth) and put a small dish of feed in there with her. I also put a little dish of water mixed with some molasses in the crate. She is chirping and alert, eating and drinking, but cannot stand for longer than a few seconds, and has a really hard time walking. I checked her all over for visible injury and cannot find anything. I really hope someone has some (any) input for me. I hate to cull one of my chicks [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I think that it is time to seperate the ducks from the chicks. I doubt that the chick is hurt so seriously that she can't recover. Do not put her back in with the ducks. As you said they are too big and clumsy.

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