3 week old BR


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Sep 23, 2014
Guess on gender?
These are two different ones, any experts out there that care to take a guess?
LOL, good one, Rachel! Second is a pullet, I'd say, probably first one a cockerel. This is if they are pure Barred Rocks and not a cross-that will muddy the waters quite a bit, making sexing by normal methods much harder.
They are supposed to be plymouth barred rocks.. was hoping i had two layers on my hands.. i live in residential so i will have to rehome the roo if she turns out to be a he..
i was thinking the same thing bc of leg color and the feathering on the pullet(2nd one) and that head spot on the 1st one says roo all over it.. crossing my fingers im wrong though.
To give you hope, my first ever BR hen looked exactly like a cockerel as a chick, from head spot to light color to almost no dark on the leg fronts. She lived to be the mother of many sons who were all no lighter than she was. That was Lexie, to those who remember her.

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