3 Week Old Buckeye...weak legs

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    Hello- I am new to the chicken raising scene....I have a small flock of 5 that are 3 weeks old today. They have all been doing great and growing like weeds....except for our one Buckeye. On Sunday we noticed that she was getting trampled by the other 4 chicks. We spent some time observing her and noticed she was having trouble walking and seemed very weak. The other 4 were starting to beat-her up a little and she was obviously not getting to the food and water so we separated her from the rest of the flock. She is also visibly much smaller then the other 4 (even though she is only a day younger). After doing much research we sectioned her off in the brooder box so that she could still see the others, but had her own food and water supply. I started her on Nutri-Drench full strength on Monday. Originally she was so weak she would not stand up, and when she tried she fell over. She had no appetite but did not fight the Nutri-Drench drops much.

    Fast forward to today (3 days later). Her appetite is back, she is eating and drinking on her own. She is even fighting me like crazy when I try to inspect her or offer he diluted Nutri-Drench. She is acting pretty much normal....except her legs. While she is much stronger then she was on Monday....she is still wobbly. She gets up on her own...and walks (although unsteady) but is still not right. When she stands and eats she sways back and forth a little like she is unbalanced and then will lay down after a period of time. If I take her out and set her on a flat (non-slick) surface she stands without a problem...but is a little reluctant to walk. When she does walk it appears that maybe the issue is with the right leg as she puts less weight on it. I was terrified that this was the beginning of Marek's....but is seems that she is getting better...?

    Does any have experience with this? Could is still be Mareks? Would a leg injury cause her to be weak and wobbly? Anyother suggestions on what I can try? Even thought she seems to be improving...her walking is still weird and she is still off balance. She spends a lot of time laying down.
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