3-week old chick attacked by hen, need cure ideas...

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  1. About an hour ago this little guy got attacked, his tissue is showing and he won't try to walk or stand up. He won't open his eyes either. He and his mother are in an isolated cage together and I put betadine on him (The redness around the wound is betadine NOT blood) . But I'm starting to wonder if I should have left the mother alone, I only put her with him because I was afraid that she might abandon him. Any other ideas for medicines? I'll post pictures later because the power's out and my laptop's almost out of battery. All that I can tell you for now is that it's a round 5mm exposiour of tissue on his back and he's not eating.
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    Chickens are amazingly resilient creatures! I wouldn't worry so much about the food right now, but I would make sure its getting water (some electrolytes would probably give your chick a little boost- and you can mix a little food in with the water if your concerned about it eating. Administer with an eye dropper). Mama will keep her little chickie warm (but so would a heat lamp if you decided to remove the hen). Just let the little one rest and give it some TLC, all you can do is try to help the little one. Good luck, hope your chickie gets better soon!

    One more thought- I would watch to make sure mama isn't picking the hole...
  3. No, the mother mother wasn't pecking the chick but I am sad to say that he didn't make it through the night. He had trouble breathing and was only breathing once every 7 seconds on average... The poor thing was really weak and I wasn't surprised that he didn't make it.

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