3 week old chick being protective of younger chick

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    My new days old Ameraucana chick is clearly imitating nearly every move made by the 3 week old Ameracauna chick I have. (Older Ameraucana is brown and the younger gray ameracauna is right next to her in the pic above.)

    The older chick is being very protective and 'motherly' with the younger one. Protecting it from the 3 week old black laced wydonnette and the two 2 week old buff orpingtons we have.Showing food and water, also 'herding' when the younger chick gets too far away when I allow them time outside in the grass.

    This behavior started within the first half hour the chicks were together in the brooder. She did not act this way toward the new Buff Orpington chicks when we added them. Infact, she somewhat avoids them - she's a quiet girl where as the orpingtons are quite talkative.

    While I am very proud of the older Ameraucana who appears to be a little leader, I'm worried this may become bullying toward the new chick or maybe even toward the non-Ameracaunas as they get older.

    Is this a breed trait or unusual behavior for chicks??? Is this a sign of broodyness to come??

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    It's adorable.

    I know a lot of people with mixed flocks have noticed that the individuals of a particular breed tend to form "cliques", so maybe that is a part of it.
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