3 week old chick breathing heavy

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by wanda047, Apr 5, 2009.

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    I bragged yesterday that not one of my chicks were having any problems... and lo and behold, today I notice that one of my buff orphington chicks is breathing rapidly and appears to not feel so well. He also appears to be balding in spots on his back, so wonder if possibly the other chicks are picking on him, though there is no sign of blood. I see no visible "bugs" on him and none of the other chicks show signs of bald spots. While the other chicks are sleeping next to each other at one end of the brooder, he is at the other end under the heat lamp and stays mostly to himself. He is showing no other signs of illness that I can see. Should I separate him from the other chicks?

    And while I'm asking questions... Can someone tell me how much food these little guys ought to be eating? I have two sets of chicks, the younger set is about 3 weeks old and the older set 4 weeks. They act like they are hungry all the time and I don't want to over-feed them.
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    I keep feed in front of my chicks at all times.... I never let them run out. and they are growing non-stop eaters.

    I'd isolate if possible, and be certain to get some liquid w/ dissolved sugar of some kind down the sick one.
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    I second Mahonri with the food out at all times, its important as they are growing so fast in the first 2-3 months that if you don't have food available 24/7 then they will go about picking in boredom.
    Yes, you need to separate or atleast place one other with him to make the transition easier when putting them back in. You can also compare growth and attitude.
    Good luck, I hope all turns out well!

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