3 week old chick injured or sick?


Jul 2, 2017
Yesterday I came home from work to find this chick pinned with its neck twisted in the bars. It had pushed it's head through and got its head stuck between the kennel bars and the chicken wire. I'm not sure how long it had been like that. I actually though she was dead, but she was still moving when I untangled her.
She wasn't able to walk straight and was very disoriented. Drinking has been difficult even with a syringe. She is having trouble swallowing and can't really move her head.
She does seem better than last night. Last night she was just falling forward or finding a corner to balance in. I thought she wouldn't make it through the night. I gave her a little bit of B-12, electrolytes, and syringe water. I'm not sure how much she got bc she isn't swallowing well.

My question is could being sick have gotten her into that predicament, like maybe she was disoriented? I hadn't noticed anything wrong before. Anyone else had this happen and what did you do to help?

Videos are of her moving and trying to walk. The one with me holding her is after I gave her a little water. You can see she is trying to swallow but isn't really able to. She is such a beautiful chick. I have no idea what breed she, but I was looking forward to seeing her grow.

I'm also attaching pics of the area she got herself stuck, just to give you an idea.

Thanks for any help!


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How is she doing?
Is she pooping?

Her crop seems very full or it could be that she is fluffed up a lot. How does the crop feel?

Any odd poops from her? That fluffed up appearance has me a bit concerned as well.
I would keep trying to get some fluids into her, massage the crop if it seems full, careful not to push liquids/feed back up for fear of aspiration. If she has any questionable poops, then I would also start her on Corid. It's very possible she just got herself into trouble - chickens have a way of doing that, but she may have also been trying to isolate herself because she is sick and then got stuck.
She is alive. She is just standing very still. Her crop feels boney, not like it's full. I haven't seen her pop at all. And I haven't noticed any funny poop from the others she's with. I was going to isolate her last night, but everywhere I put her she was squeezing her head through the bars and getting stuck. The safest place I could keep her was with the others. They didn't seem to be bothering her though. This morning she seemed to be able to drink the liquid I gave her a little better. I hope I'm not imagining that. I'm feeling like she might need the vitamins. If she shows any signs of cocci I'll switch to corid.

She isn't eating solids at all. How long will she be okay like that? I'm wondering if she was twisted for so long that it damaged her throat.
any suggestions? I know liquids are priority, but I'm sure she needs food eventually.
I always keep my chicks in a plastic tub, when they get big enough to jump out I put a netting or screen lid on top.
If it is an injury I think the best thing you can do is make sure she is eating and drinking and wait for her to heal. I don’t know what to tell you if she won’t eat :/ maybe try scrambling some eggs and giving it to her? If the other chicks have some as well and get excited about it, it will make her want some too.
She looks like a blue laced red Wyandotte to me, I hope she gets better!
Thank you! She is now able to drink if I hold her beak to water which is a sign she is healing/improving, I hope. I'll try some eggs!
I was able to move her to isolate her. She isn't in control of herself but seems more oriented.
She is still standing, why isn't she able to sit? I can tell she is tired, I think she may have been standing all night. Is that a sign of anything else?
Do she finally pooped. It's bright green. Do you think it's fine to give her raw egg? I don't think she will be able to handle swallowing solids, but
I want her to have something. She finally laid down and slept. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I'm sure she needed the rest though.

If makes it through the night, I'll bring her to work with me. She can only drink if I put her beak in the water. That's an improvement since yesterday when she wouldn't swallow at all.


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I would try the raw egg or you can make a wet slurry out of chick starter. I would also continue to get some poultry vitamins into her.

I'm sorry that she is not doing well. All you can do is keep her warm and hydrated.
Thank you. She made it through the night. She was standing this morning all fluffed up.

Do you think I should use save a chick or polyvisol? Her neck seems pretty straight but she started doing that backing up thing last night. She is now chirping occasionally, she wasn't making any noise at all for a while.
She is only drinking when I dip her beak in water. When I syringe feed her she has a harder time swallowing. I will pick up a tiny syringe today that I can make sure is going down the correct hole. I feel like she aspirated a little yesterday. I heard the gurgling clicking after she drank yesterday. It eventually stopped, but I'm not sure what to do about that.

I would try the raw egg or you can make a wet slurry out of chick starter. I would also continue to get some poultry vitamins into her.

I'm sorry that she is not doing well. All you can do is keep her warm and hydrated.

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