3 week old chick lethargic & limping

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    Last Friday pm we noticed "Red" was falling asleep standing up, lethargic, and ruffled feathers. Her poops are normal she was vaccinated as a chick for coccidiosis and Marek's as a newborn. We then noticed on Saturday she had a limp. We started her on save-a-chic Sunday and seemed to be in better spirits even hobbling quickly with the other chicks (still not up to par). Last night I used a little bit of regular water with the vitamin water and by evening the left leg was totally useless and she refused to put weight on it. I gave her only vitamin water over night and she is putting pressure on it this am but is still hobbling. Do you think this is a vitamin defiency or something else? My son was diagnosed with MRSA last week and does handle the chicks. So I wonder if he gave her something. She seems to be breathing faster than normal. The first pic is her in part of the brooder left leg facing camera and the second picture is of her outside brooder. None of the other chicks have a limp. Thanks for any help. [​IMG]
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    MRSA is not transmittable to birds. Most human ailments are not transmittable to poultry. There a handful of poultry ailments that are transmittable to humans, which is why good hand-washing, and using respirators when cleaning coops are essential.

    There are certain deficiencies that can show up in one bird and not others from the same batches. If the birds came from mixed lineage (like a hatchery) you may have one that is from genetically inferior stock and those birds can be prone to deficiencies. I am just putting this info out there because I honestly doubt this is a dietary issue. As long as they are eating chick crumbles, they should be getting all they need.

    I would take the "wait and see" approach. Chicks often get leg issues when they young. Their legs are the biggest thing on them, so they tend to get the most beating from outside sources. The birds appear to still be in the brooder, so cocci is unlikely (there are variants that are not covered by a vaccine) unless they have been playing in the dirt outside.

    My daughter loves to play with her chicks when they are still in the brooder. She has had birds since she was a baby herself, so has much experience with chicks, birds of all species, and is my helper during procedures and surgeries. Two years ago she accidentally injured one of our chicks very badly. It was an accident, she confessed immediately, and we were able to save the chick...barely. The chick had a badly broken leg and internal injuries. I would ask your kids if there was an incidents that could have led to this bird being gimpy and lethargic. It only takes a second of inattention to injure creatures as fragile as chicks. I only say this because it sounds like your bird may be injured and not sick.
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    It would most likely be too early for Marek's. It may be a wait and see thing, and I would make sure she's eating and drinking.
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    Thanks everyone! I will wait and see.

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