3 week old chick pecked bad by another broody

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    What can I use to clean this chicks wounds? [​IMG]

    She has been mauled by another broody mama. I have her separated and under a lamp but she has been pecked all over and bleeding pretty bad. Please help
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    I'm sorry about your chick. Is she is shock? I would delay cleaning them if she is in rough shape, but Vetericyn wound spray, chlorhexidene, and weak betadine are very good to apply to the wound. Plain antibiotic ointment such as bacitracin or neosporin is good to apply, or you can use BluKote spray or dab on. If she is stocky, keep her quiet, and try to get her to take fluids with electrolytes and vitamins when she is better. Food, chopped egg, or watery food and yogurt can be offered when she is drinking well. Is her broody still taking care of the other chicks? BluKote can hide her wounds so she can get back out with the others quicker. I hope she makes it. Let us know how she is doing.
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    Thanks for your reply. Had to go to my daughters dress fitting for her wedding so I didnt get right back to you. I have blu-kote and neosporin. Should I use the neo. first and then blu-kote? I dont know how to tell if she is in shock. Any tips there?
    Just looked in on her, she doesnt look like she is in shock. She is up drinking and chirping. Should I return her to mama tonight? Yes the broody is still taking care of the others.
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