3 week old chick with a lump??


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5 Years
Mar 6, 2014
We hatched a white chantecler and he's 3 weeks old. He hasn't been growing really, but tonight notice he has a big hard lump on the breast area. Ideas what it could be? Maybe has something to do with no growing? He peeps loud when you touch it...but he does that regardless of where you touch him. Posting pics so you can kinda see. It's the left side of its chest.
Aha boy do I feel silly. Yeah he's been eating normally. I'm a first timer he's the first chick I hatched and the only one that survived. So I'm a tad paranoid. Thank you!
On my first chicks I thought the same thing! Then I was like. Ohhhh, duhhh. How blonde of me. XD

So don't feel too bad. We were all new and a a tad blond at one time or another lol

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