3 week old chick with lameness

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    [​IMG] I found her yesterday laying on her side unable to get up. I immediately quarantined her from the others . she has been eating and drinking some , but when she tries to get up she kind of just flops around. I added save a chick electrolytes to her water with no effect. I leave for vaction on Saturday and a friend will be taking care of my flock and chicks. I was hoping to have a turn around in her status before I leave. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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    She could be dehydrated from not drinking or a from disease such as coccidiosis. AE or avian encephalomyelitis can cause tremors, lameness, and can be found lying on side. I would give her the electrolyte water with some vitamins (which are usually included in lytes,) with a dropper. You will need to force fluids or she won't make it. If you see lethargy, hunched posture, weakness, not eating, and runny droppings with mucus or blood, then I would treat for coccidiosis with Corid in the water. That would not hurt, but may help if that is the problem. Dosage is 1 1/2 tsp of Corid powder per gallon of water for 5 days.
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    Corid is the best solution, I agree. Give her protein food like thoroughly cooked scrambled eggs.
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