3 week old cochin + newly hatched chicks= new mom!

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    So we are TOTALLY addicted to the incubator (we are on our third hatch in 10 weeks- 10 silkies should hatch tomorrow-but that is IT till march !) ). At the time our second group (4 mutt) of babies hatched, we had a super friendly cochin in solitary, because the others had picked her rear (blukote works great). I know you aren't really supposed to mix ages, but we decided to see how they got along together.

    At first Big Mama (cochin) stayed still and really checked them out (they ran right up to her). Within 1 hour, they were all sleeping flopped around her! By one week, whenever we handled the chicks, she would give us the chicken eye and cheep to them until they were back in the tote with her- lol!. At three weeks we have introduced the little chicks and her with the rest (we also moved everyone into the big coop at the same time). Success!!

    It is too cute to see her still trying to sit on them at night- they are getting pretty big!

    Anyway, I thought I would share (I am still suprised she adopted them while still so young) [​IMG] .
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