3 week old Faverolle chick - is this a prolapse???

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    Aug 30, 2010
    Hello All -

    I'm completely new to chicken keeping and a bit beside myself with one of my little Faverolle girls. She's just three weeks old and over the past few days my husband and I have noticed that she's had a very dirty rear- much more than her sisters. After closer inspection we noticed that her vent was swollen and so was the tissue below her vent. We've been checking on her constantly and haven't noticed any behavior changes (eating, drinking, and sleeping normally). At first we didn't think we were dealing with a prolapse (see photos below).


    But after a few days it looks more and more like a prolapse. We've been cleaning her rear (soaking in warm water) and then covering her rear in a mixture of prep. H and bag balm (we didn't have vaseline on hand). Is this a prolapse? Is there anything else we can do??? (Most recent photos below).


    Thanks so much!
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