3 week old Golden Laced Cochin Chick (cockerel) NO SHIP WA or OREGON

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  1. One very cute little chick. The last one left. I think it's a cockerel. Very sweet temperament already and looks like it will have good color. I don't need two roosters. From non-hatchery stock parent birds with very nice, friendly dispositions, huge size, pretty "Asiatic" heads and lots of fluff.

    Please note, Barabas' comb was just fine but got some frostbite from a fight he had through the wire with my Sumatra roo this early spring. So it's not genetic. No worries. [​IMG]

    "Mom," Clementine:

    "Dad," Barnabas:


    I will be traveling to Oregon (Portland) on Sunday so I can transport along the way.
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  2. Okay, so I suppose you want a picture of the chick?

    Well, here's as good as I could do since he was being camera-shy! LOL

    I didn't have time to watermark these ;( I have to wrap eggs still tonight, oops! So I'll post them tomorrow!
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    Do you have any bantam?

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  4. Quote:Wait---is that RUFUS??? [​IMG]

    No, I only have this one little GLC chick...I had a VERY stubborn broody and I didn't want a bunch to try to sell...so I let her sit on ONE egg. It hatched. And of course, it looks like a roo. [​IMG]
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  5. [​IMG]

    He is being SHY! LOL



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