3 week old Ideal Chick pics


11 Years
Feb 12, 2008
Rocky Mountains
The chicks are going into their 3rd week!

A Delaware next to a Polish bantam.

Wing feather development on the Delaware - their wings are growing fast.

Faverolles are turning salmon. The other chick is an Ameraucana.

Polish chicks make good pillows.

One of the Ameraucanas and one of the Polish top hats have been playing chicken - flying at each other. Are these likely roosters? The Ameraucana we are calling the velociraptor is is flighty and wild, but deeply curious.

The velociraptor is the biggest chick, but the Polish bantam can stop him in his tracks with a glare. At this point, the Polish won the game of chicken, and decided his toes were more interesting.

The two Polish. One has a more rounded top - is this a pullet and a roo?

They grow up too fast!


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