3 week old Jersey Giant hen, still limping !

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    May 21, 2011
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    Good morning friends,

    Yesterday I posted how my baby JG was stepped on about a week ago, by my 3 week old WC Black Polish hen, and how she was limping on her right foot.

    After that incident, the Polish kept " picking on her ", chasing her around, and had bonded with my 3 week old SL Wyndotte hen, leaving " Sophie" with no one to bond with.

    Sophie would just lay around, but would get up and walk over to her food and water, and eat.

    I moved her hoping that will help her little foot heal.

    Now, when she is up, she eventually loses that little limp..its kind of like she slightly turned her ankle, but is OK, once shes up.

    So, yesterday afternoon, I was able to buy a 3 day old White Leghorn baby girl, with the hopes of giving my JG a little " Chicken Friend " to bond with.

    This adorable little " busy body " adores Sophie and it does seem to have helped Sophie perk up, however, the baby Leghorn so desperately wants to be underneath Sophie and engage her in Chicken Play..

    Anyway, could anyone give me some thought about this limp and how to deal with it???

    She is not spraddle legged, thank goodness, and Im sure its not broken since she does walk, but then sits back on her hocks and eats, or whatever.

    Thanks everyone..

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    I think at this point you should just wait it out. And with the Polish picking on her- in a few weeks, the JG will be towering over the Polish chick, and that should even things out. At least she's using it, just make sure she's eating and drinking.

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