3 weeks old chick suddenly can't walk


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Hey there!
So, here's her story: my black star hatched exactly 3 weeks ago. She was eating, drinking normally, growing at a perfect pace and getting along fine with the other chicks. Last night I came back from work and realized she was not scurrying along with the other ones when I went to change her water. She just laid there, slightly unresponsive, but moving her head around and blinking at me. I picked her up and immediately noticed she can move her legs lightly, but won't put weight on them. Her toes were all curled and her favorite position is with her feet under her body.
I read this website (awesome help, by the way!) and followed the advice to put splints on her feet.
I made several videos so you guys can give your opinion if I should or not put hobbles on her legs. She doesn't seem to have splayed legs (she is not doing the 'splits') but I could be wrong.
She is pecking and eating as best as she can, but not drinking water, so I have been using a eyedropper to keep her hydrated.
I will do anything to save this poor chick! She was shaping up to be the BEST of the flock, very gentle and docile and our whole family started praying for her!
Please help!!!

Video 1

Video 2

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