3 wk old Chick nearly drowned

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    Jul 9, 2011
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    One of my little ones decided it was a duck yesterday. If I would have been out just a few seconds later the poor little thing would not be with me today. It was nearly dead. I snatched it out of the pool and....oh yes I did....I did CPR and Mouth to Mouth on a chick! LOL. The little sweetie all of a sudden started shaking violently so we got it wrapped in a hand towel and got it under the brooder lamp. After an hour or so it started to show really positive signs. Today the little bugger just wants to snuggle which I've been and I've set down some newspaper for it to run around and it's eating drinking a pooping.

    The temperatures are significantly cold at night now, and I didn't want to set it back out with mama hen. I noticed today when it was snuggled up at my neck I could hear a raspy sound in its chest. I have no doubt this from being in very cold water on a very cold day for I don't know how long, but I don't feel comfortable putting it back outside just yet. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Well first off to help with the drowning and so you have no further problem go buy yourself some marbles and place them in your water dish so the chicks cant get in it but to drink. Now about the chick, i would keep inside to watch it for a little while, i dont think it is such a good idea to put it back outside until it is fully recovered. just watch the wheezing it may have got a respiratory infection from being cold and stuck in cold water.

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