3 wk old CX your thoughts on withholding feed. Im worried about this..

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    My 3 week old CX are now in my Salatin style pen in my yard that hasnt been mowed in 6 weeks so I have thick grass, clovers and bugs etc.... My question......... As many of you know the cost of feeding these birds are through the roof. I have 105 in a 10 x 12 pin. I'm selling off 15 to get them down to 90 for this size pen. Should I or would you withhold feed on these birds and for how long???? Will they stilll grow off well? I have heard feeding them 24/7 is just wasting feed as they dont convert it anyways. Just looking for your thoughts.

    Im am feeding them this 20% Feed

    Bartlett Milling uses no animal fat or animal protein sources in its Poultry feeds.

    Apex[​IMG], from Nutriad, provides natural botanical flavorings and essential plant oils for improved feed consumption and performance, and better gastrointestinal function. Click here to learn more about Apex[​IMG]

    STARTER & GROWER CRUMBLE with Apex[​IMG]; 20% protein for young laying chicks; feed until commencement of laying (20 to 24 weeks). Straight-run (mixed sex) chicks should also be started on this feed. Crumbles help reduce waste. Feed to chicks and pullets as the sole ration from hatch through 17 weeks of age.
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    105 cornish x 3 weeks old should eat appx 25 pounds of 20% starter per day. Divide it into 2 portions. Make sure you have enough feeder space to allow all to eat at one time without climbing over each other. Feed once (12.5 pounds) early AM and again 12 hours later (6am & 6pm). If you have scales to weigh their feed out each day increase their feed amount by 1 pound per day; so by week 5 they are eating 40 pounds a day. From this point on increase 2 pounds per week per 100 birds until you process them. You'll notice their weight will steadily increase and when you process there won't be a lot of fat--just solid meat.

    That is a lot of birds for 120 sq foot; you'll have to move that at least 2 or 3 times a day once they get the hang of grazing.

    Good Luck
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    A 5 gallon bucket feeder holds 25lbs of feed, give or take. Half full is your ration. I had no health issues when the birds were moved to a tractor for the last 4 weeks. When I withdrew food, their gizzards were packed with grass upon butchering.

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