3 WK old turkey severely splayed leg


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
I have a turkey who is about 3 weeks old with what I can only guess is a splayed leg. It began just a bit crooked and slowly slid more and more to the point of twisting nearly 180 degrees as it walks. I took it to the vet today (who is supposed to be a "bird vet") and after proclaiming he'd never even seen a baby turkey before he proceeded to tape the legs together using the "good" leg as a splint. Every fiber of my being felt that wasn't right. The turkey couldn't even sit but had to lay on it's side (he taped all the way down the legs). I was worried it's muscles wouldn't grow if they couldn't move. The turkey's body has begun compensating for the bad leg and it has a very awkward stance. I untaped what the vet did and taped it around the top parts of the legs a little further apart (about where they should be normally). This is better (it can mostly sit) but it still falls over, flops around and looks like it's going to hurt itself. Is there any saving this little guy? My thinking is, since the biggest problem is in the hip, if I keep it taped above the "knee" that will at least help that area heal even if the foot still points out about 90 degrees. For now, my husband rigged up a bracing area with some thick round branches screwed into two pieces of wood (there is a V shaped area for the turkey to rest in that keeps the feet under it but its body won't fall to the side). I padded it with wash cloths and go in every hour or so to see if it needs water. Any experts with advice on what to do? Do I let it flop around and "figure it out" or keep it propped up? HELP! I don't want to lose this little guy (all our 40 chicks, 9 turkeys, and 14 ducks are pets...I can't bear to lose one!) Also, should I secure it around the ankles too or will that correct itself once the hip is corrected?

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