3 year old granddaughter & chickens

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    I have 2 SLW hens in a coop in the back yard. I explained to my granddaughter that there are different breeds of chickens, showing her pictures and telling her that Stella and Lola are silver laced wyandottes (weeks ago). She loves to come visit and play with the chickens. Feeding them, giving treats and gathering the eggs is the high point of her day. She even has polka dotted rubber boots we call her chicken boots. She was here last weekend and at bedtime, she requested a chicken magazine. Upon seeing a picture of a barred black and white chicken, she asked, "Is that a wyandotte?" I didn't even know she remembered the breed. Now I HAVE to get chicks--for her of course [​IMG]
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    Of course you do! [​IMG] Ahem.....chicks for the GRANDDAUGHTER of course!! So nice of you to share your experience. I have a little granddaughter too. Lucy is only 5 months old now, but I can't wait for her to see my chickens........and get HER some chicks. [​IMG]

    My teenage son, Joe, just loves the chickens. He often helps me with my chicken chores, and he'll pick them up and talk to them......and he's 16 years old, so I'm amazed! LOL
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    Just a note of warning letting my grandaughters help pick out chicks, is how, between my daughter and I we ended up with 80 chickens. [​IMG]

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    My grandson is over for the first time in 5 years. He live a way away. He is in love with all mine and want to take some to mom but she would kill me. I have around 300 right now and am cleaning house and cull them out. Jeremy has been here for 4 days and already knows the breeds and loves the Polish.

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