3 year old Hen being bullied, looking sick with poopy butt!

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    So my one 3 year old hen (we have 3 1 year olds, and are planning on getting 5 day-olds within the month) has been bullied by the others. She gets pecked, occasionally drawing blood and I have seen her get a feather pulled out. She is usually pretty good at running away from the mean chickens due to having a VERY large yard to run.

    Being the concerned mommie I am, I have kept a close eye on them, poked them and chased them whenever they hurt her. I suppose she has connected me to safety, because she now always follows me around and lays and sleeps in my lap..

    Today, I found her hiding in the corner of the coop hiding, with her comb rather bloody and some blood on the walls. I have removed her from the others, and she has slept throughout most of the day (on my lap or in a small box I filled with hay). I am going to have her sleep in a separate barn with her own food and water... But I can't help being worried about her..

    Her bum is rather dirty, and I have a feeling she might be having trouble with digestion due to a weird noise that came out of her when she was drinking... She's been VERY slow, though it might be due to stress...

    I just don't know what to do or think, any help or suggestions or anything?
    She has previously lived through a dog attack, maybe 2 years ago, so I really hope this soldier chicken will make it through this! If she is okay, I plan to try and make her a foster mom to the day-olds I bring in..

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    Have you ever wormed her? The diarrhea could be a symptom of worms. If she is acting at all sick or weak the other chickens will keep after her. The other thing could be lice or mites. They bite and feed on them and the blood loss makes them weak. You can get wazine from the farm store to start with for worms. The best stuff seems to be valbazen which kills all known worms chickens can get. The valbazen may have to be ordered on line. It is marketed for cattle. If you have never dusted for lice and mites, now migh be a good time. Be sure and treat all the chickens at the same time. I hope she gets better for you. [​IMG]

    Edited to add: Is she making the noise when she is breathing? Any "cold" symptoms? The blood could also be a symptom of infectious laryngotracheitis. Are you sure it came from her comb? This disease can cause bleeding from the trachea and they can cough it all over the walls of the coop. Hopefully this is not the case.
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    Ontario, Canada
    Haven't de-wormed her, but she was acting fine before they started bullying her.. She has only gotten slow over the past day, but since she has slept shes actually digging around in the dirt alot more..

    I am sure the blood is from her comb, there's a clear cut in it. [​IMG]

    Me and my folks will be sure to get some de-worming stuff ASAP though!
  4. You must also consider cocci. Might be good to put all the birds on amprolium for a few days.
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    It's good you removed her! I would lather her wounds in neosporin, worm her, give her a good bath, trim around her bottom(lather her bottom in medicated A&D), dry her, and then dust her in Sevin dust or spray her in Adam's flea and tick spray. Sounds like it could be worms or mites. I would also keep her separated for awhile and give her feed and treats high in protein(rice, eggs, yogurt, etc). Good luck!!!

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