3 Year Old Isa Brown-Lethargic with Sudden Curled Toes?


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May 8, 2018
Rewind 15 days ago..I found Maria (my Isa Brown) very cold and under a wheelbarrow not moving at all. She had been missing for 2 days and the temp was in the 30’s. I brought her in and slowly warmed her up and she started coming back to life.
I started “Hyrdo-Hen” from tractor supply and have kept her inside since. I have also been feeding her sugar water, sweet potato baby food mixed with chicken feed (I made a mash of it) and have started Poly-Vi-Sol once a day.
She has made major improvements but I am wondering now if I am just prolonging an older chickens death?
She was not using her feet or legs at all until 5 days ago. Her toes have been curled under but now one foot is straightened out. She is still very unsteady but will not take more than 2-3 steps at a time.
I still have her inside isolated from the others incase of disease. Her comb is still bright red, tail up, no grey eyes and is now feisty when I pick her up. She is also sitting up now.
Is there anything I should be doing but am not? Or am I just prolonging a dying chicken?
I checked a few days after I found her to see if she had an egg stuck and she did not.

I have made a call to our vet for advice & am waiting to hear back.. I am attaching pictures in case it helps.
May 24, 2020
the curled toes usually means there cold but shes making amazing leaps of improvment. keep doing what your doing. its working awesome:)


Nov 14, 2020
My hen had a heat stroke and her toes have been curled ever sense... she is still able to move around completely fine. I think yours will make a recovery. I am not familiar with frostbite or what temperature causes it but could possibly be that... I do know that chickens recover from frostbite as well.
Good job and good luck!

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