3 year old Isa Brown "Red," with watery poop and lost weight.


7 Years
Nov 6, 2013
"Red" has been slowly losing steam the last two weeks, losing weight, clear watery poops. She's three and has been in good health always, until now. For weeks at a time she n will lay the BIGGEST EGGS I have ever seen. 3 inches long and 2.25" thick. Lately eggs by her have been thin, infrequent and deformed.

Her five other sisters are doing well. She free ranges most of the day. Her crop seems full in the evening and empty in the morning.
Her normally huge crop is flopped over some, and she's sleeping in the mid afternoon's frequently. BTW she is going to the vet tomorrow.

Anyone have any ideas?

Ps. I also treated two very small foot scabs that at first appeared to possibly be Bumblefoot. Honestly I believe there was no infection, just a scab from jumping off the roosting bar. Regardless I pulled off all the odd skin and scab that I could. She is currently wrapped up with ointment. She's never had antibiotic, I'm figuring the vet will give her one.

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