3 year old rooster cant keep his balance

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  1. missfit farm1

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    Oct 27, 2008
    my 3 year old silkie rooster has what i have seen here as being called a drunken walk he cant seem to keep his balance and wobbles i have checked him for sores and or bites and didnt find anything he is eating and drinking fine dosnt seem to have any pain in his legs allows me to bend them and move them around without complaint his wings also seem fine . this has only been happening for 3 days now but seems to be getting worse any suggestions to help my little guy i dont think i can bare to lose him i do not think it is mareks alhough i coud be wrong all other chickens are fine even his pen mate please help ......Laura
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    Sep 29, 2008
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    Quote:Has he been fighting ???

    Causes – The bird itself has been too highly fed, or has inherited tendency to apoplexy from the too high feeding of its parents. Apoplexy is immediately due to brain pressure or the bursting of a small brain blood vessel - so that a cock may have an attack after a fight, or a hen with the strain of egg production.
    Symptoms – The bird falls down, obviously in a fit, and , perhaps, dead. In lighter cases a confused and unsteady walk will be noticed. Treatment – Give no food for one day, and then something very light. Put sick bird in a darkened pen. Give warm water only, in which dissolve a little Epsom Salts or tincture of iron.
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    Jan 11, 2007
    many things can cause ataxia (imbalance)
    If he has recently had a respiratory problem then it might be an inner ear infection...
    Sometimes mites get in the ear(s) and can cause this also. You give little info on his environment and what you feed him ... when was the last time you wormed him? Is he molting? Do you use any kind of supplements?
    If he has been in a fight (with a peck to the head) or even if he has flown into something hard, being a silkie with the open skull, the imbalance could well be due to that also.
    Have a read thru these articles at the link below and see if anything rings a bell ( it might be even be combination of things) :
  4. missfit farm1

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    Oct 27, 2008
    he has not been fighting as he is only penned with one girl although she could have pecked him in the head. i also have checked him for mites and there are none that i can see and his mate is fine. he sleeps in the barn at night with his girl on a dry pile of hay that i replace daily and goes out to a pen during a day. i am carefull not to leave anything in the barn that they can get into. he eats chicken crumbles as my chickens refuses to eat the pellets they all eat the same thing and everyone else is fine. i do not overfeed him as the food is always readily available and he does not seem to eat too much as i said in prvious post he is 3 years old and i have had him for three years and he has always had the same routine i checked him for injuries and found none checked his legs and wings and he lets me move them around without complaining. no recent respertory problems he is not moulting. if it was somthing heriditary would it really take 3 years to show up? so im not sure what else to do i did get some vitamins today to add to his water i sure hope it helps i hope this is enogh information

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