3 year old rooster with mystery injury or sickness?


5 Years
Mar 30, 2014
Hello, I have a three year old Production Red rooster. Yesterday morning, the rooster was fluffed up with his wings away from his body. I passed it off thinking he was just to warm, but when I came back with an ice water bottle to cool down his drinking water, I noticed that he was stumbling around, almost like he was drunk. At this point I got worried, and bent down to check his feet, thinking maybe he just got a thorn in them. My rooster decided to crow when I was bent down next to him, and when he finished, he make almost a wheezy coughing sound. When I checked on him again today, he was laying on the floor of the coop against the wall. Instead of getting up to greet me like he normally does, he just laid there quietly watching me. It wasn't until I opened the coop door and gave him some more food that he stood up. When he stood up, he started swaying. Every step he took looked like he was going to fall over. He was breathing slowly and deeply, and when he crowed, it looked like he was struggling to keep it going. He didn't fluff up this time, but his wings were still away from his body. When he went back and laid down again, he kinda half fell half laid down. He has been eating, drinking, and pooping just fine, and is normally an extremely healthy bird. He likes to sleep in the rafters of his house, could he have hit his head jumping up or down? He is also going through a molt right now, could that have anything to do with it? Do you have any idea what could be wrong with my baby, and if so, how to help him feel better?
Thank you in advance,

Edit- So, I just went out and checked on him again, and it turns out his poop is a vivid pine needle green.
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