3 year olds Turkey Taste?


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Mar 30, 2009
Muncie, Indiana
Anybody every butchered birds at 3 yrs old? I have a neighbor wanting out of her birds and offering her Midget Whites to me. I don't need all the 3 yr olds she has and was wondering if it is like chickens...tougher and stew pot for older. I had one response say they've butchered 2 yr olds and they were fine. What's your experience? also, i have read different thinngs in different posts, when is "best" to butcher younger MW 22 weeks? 30 weeks? thanks,


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Jul 13, 2008
Braymer Missouri
We butchered a five year old. He was a little bit tougher than the young ones, but not much. I think a three year old bird would probably be fine.

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