{3 young mallard drakes, 1 bantam cockerel, 1 silkie cockerel} Looking for good homes - SE Ohio (PIC


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Mar 4, 2013
Lucasville, OH
As much as it pains me to say it, these little guys may need to find good homes. We've raised them from day-old and I've gotten attached to them. I don't have to let them go (just don't really want fertile eggs), and will keep them if good homes aren't found. As we have some young chicks and ducklings still in the brooders, we might be rehoming more in the future, but this is what we have now. Figured I'd get a jump-start trying to find them good homes, as we're such a little "boonies" town and there's probably not too many folks nearby. We're in Lucasville, Ohio (closer to Minford or Stockdale than actual Lucasville, if anyone happens to be familiar with the area), and can't ship, so you'll need to pick up (or if you're very close, we could possibly deliver).

We have 3 mallards. We're 99% sure they are mallards--they came from TSC, but are staying very small at 9-10 weeks old. Also 99% sure they are drakes, based on voice sexing them against the other 3 which are clearly quacking. If you take all 3, you will be able to tell them apart.. One we named "Squirt" day 1, because he's always been soo much smaller than the others. I'd say he's the runt. He's still very teeny and a bit thinner than the others because he usually has to fight for food. Another looks typical (We dubbed "Blue"). And the last (we named "Moby" because he was the biggest as a duckling, but is now smaller than some) has a kind of weird, whitish, fuzzy chest. I don't mind if they go separately if you're not looking for too many drakes for your girls, but they are attached to each other so I'd rather they go all together if possible. If you have no females, 3 males will get along fine. Also, mallards are flying ducks, so I'd love to see them go to someone who will keep them fenced (overhead) (or even house ducks
, but I know that's probably asking too much), for their safety.

Forgive the bad pictures. They were messy (typical ducks) and the lighting was bad:
All 3:

Squirt <3:

Next, we have a little roo. He is (I'm pretty sure) a Silver Duckwing OE Bantam. Gorgeous colors right now. He's approximately 8 weeks old. He has a nice disposition now (once you catch him, he's calm); friendly with the 3 bantam hens, 2 standard hens and silkie cockerel he's with now; and has just started to (attempt to
) crow:

Presumably what he'll look like full-grown:

Finally, there's a white silkie that might have to go. Pretty darn sure he's a roo. Posted him here on BYC to be sure, and someone else pointed out his huge comb and wattles. He's also about 8 weeks old and hasn't crowed. He's pretty skittish. But such a pretty boy. Also gets along great with the 3 bantam pullets, 2 standard pullets, and the above cockerel he's with now. Pardon his wet feathers and spotty appearance..he'd just had a little dip in the waterer:

Thanks for looking. Do let me know if you're interested. I'm in no rush to let them go.


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Jun 13, 2012
Hello I live in West Virginia. I read your post and looked at your pics...Very cute by the way. I have a small farm with pigs, rabbits, turkeys and chickens. We also have some lizards (I know they are not farm animals they are the hubbys...lol) We are actually hatching more chicks, turkeys and lizards in the incubators right now. Some are due to hatch this weekend. We have tried to have ducks this year, but so far have had a tough go with it. We bought some ducklings from TSC. Because my chicks I had in brooder were a bit bigger I got ducklings that were a little bigger. They however were not very friendly. Kids were loosing intrest cause they couldn't get near them. One of them died, and the other one got lonely. The day I bought another duck from a pet store my friend stopped by and said she had bought ducks from the same store, I let her have the original duck cause then he would have friends of the same size, and breed. SO I was left with this little duckling and he was all alone. I bought a ducky friend for him and the new one died. A friend of ours went to that Lucasville fleamarket and got my daughter a crested duck. She thought it was so cute with his little fur ball, well it was warmer we let him run outside for a bit. He got his head stuck in chick wire and peeled back some of the skin on his head. I was able to get him inside, cleaned him up and put him down to rest. The next day he was acting like he was still in shock. I hand fed him water and an protein mixture I found online to supplement him cause he wasn't eating. One day he seemed like he was gonna pull thru the next he day I wasn't so sure, and finally after about 4 days he did pass. My little girl was so upset. She asked me how come we can raise all these other animals and not her duck, sissy's duck is fine, sissy can raise her duck. I felt so terrible for her. I tried to get her mind off of it by luck one of the hens that was sitting, her eggs starting hatching. First time for us to experience that! So she hasn't mentioned it in awhile, but if something reminds her, Lord look out! But anyways, we still have one duck. It was in an assortment, pretty sure its a female welsh. I also have silkies, one white, one grey, and two blue. they are all close to the age of the ones you mentioned. I also have a little banty that looks like the one in your pics. He looks like his head has been shaved, kinda unique! If you still need a home for your little guys, we would be happy to have them. I have room for them. But I can't come get them. I can meet you somewhere in the middle. Just let me know, my girls love the critters just like I do.

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