3 young Roos need home: Bay Area


6 Years
Jul 27, 2013
3 sweet organic raised baby Roos need new home. Hatched August 1 they are two months. Still super gentle.

Americana Waddles is super gentle & loves to be carried. He has leg injury which makes him walk with limp, but vet says should recuperate fine as is healthy & strong. He was the hit of vets office as he's so tame. He drives in car on my lap and has visited boys school twice. Kids can carry him and he could make nice pet for a kid with disability to see that they're not alone!!!

Two others are handsome & silly naked necks mixed with Americana/cucku Marin's.

The black is called little left behind

The brown is called sunshine.

Free & happy to help transport them if you are not too far.
The two naked necks are less domesticated but in few days away from mom should adapt. None have shown any signs of aggression so far. We were told if they were in flock with dominant hens they should be more mellow.

Seeking safe no kill home & no rooster fighting pls these are best for pets or a farm!:):)

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