30-40 Assorted Chicks 3-4 Months

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    Jun 10, 2010
    Please DO NOT BID or PM me about these birds, I am helping a friend to list these before winter. All questions or claims can be e-mailed to [email protected].

    These birds come from a mixed flock. They are NOT from an NPIP flock, the testing was just never done.

    Pictures are from when they were a little younger. Chicks are 3-4 months old now, the are about 20 of each gender. Older chicks will be $3 per and younger $2 per or $2 per if you want to take a bunch. They are housed outdoors and are fully feathered, eating a mix of corn and crumble. They come from Isa brownxMixed breed hens and mixed breed roosters. Colors and body types vary but are majority standard sized and brown egg breeds.

    These are mutt birds. They will be nice birds for eggs or meat but not for show or blood lines.

    She is located in western Michigan and is willing to meet in Fremont, Ludington, Hesperia, or Muskegon and probably other places close to those on the west side of Michigan. These birds CANNOT be shipped. E-mail at [email protected] for questions about farther distances or buying the whole lot of them at once.



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    I saw a duck! I want that duck! Is that duck for sale?????? I love ducks!!!!! LMK.....

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