30 chickens: coop vs run space

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    Mar 27, 2014
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    A coop builder I'm talking to right now just suggested that a 4x12 coop with a 48 sq ft covered run in addition to it would be enough space for 30 chickens. That sounds a bit small to me, but then I am going to have a fenced in uncovered area for them to range around in during the day. What do y'all think?
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    Mar 12, 2014
    I think it's 4 sf per bird, generally. That would be 120 sf, or a 10x12 run. So I think his size is off.
  3. dheltzel

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    Nov 30, 2013
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    Definitely too small.

    The rule you will find most for minimum space per bird is 4 sf inside and 10 sf outside. That's a minimum, if you make it larger they are easier to manage. I would make the coop 12 x 12 and the run 12 x 24, so it fits the standard board lengths that are in multiples of 4 ft.
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    x2. I have 170 sg ft in the coop for 30 to 35 birds, with 10 of them bantams. It gets a little tight in winter when they don't want to go outside. Mary
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    coop with run access and possible range time- 10+ sqft per bird (this is with no closing door between the coop/run so all space 'could' be used

    coop only WITH automatic door (and humans checking for malfunction)- 4 sqft per bird in coop

    coop/run as only safety depending (due to predator load - unruly neighbors -local laws- traveling humans- possible predicted inclament weater (hurricanes, sevear thunder storms, blizzards....tornado warnings when you can't get home in time...) 12+ sqft coop per bird (suggested). [this is for birds that will be left inside the coop/run for extended periods for any reason.]

    -This has to do with behavior issues like egg eating and feather plucking, stress related deaths and injury and even cannablisim.

    I have ducks and chickens, 30 total- I have 3*5*3 (laying area) attached to 8*16*8 (covered area) attached to 12*16*8 (run area)
    OR 20*16 + 3*5 = 320 + 15 = 335/12 = 27 and I have thirty due to some 'drop offs' I am over capacity for the moment or at 10 sqft per bird I'm just enough under

    Only one of my ducks is they type that can pearch so the 'space' is used diffrently at diffrent times of day- I do count the enclosed area whether roosting bars are also as 'coop' but as it's all one 'building' there's no real reason to get that nit-picky.
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