30 days of Christmas 2021!!!!

What have you done in preparation for Christmas So Far!

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Countdown to 👙 season!!!!! EXTRA Time!
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Aug 17, 2018
southern indiana
My Coop
My Coop
Had to make a grocery run after work and then I managed to clean the floor a little and put half the ornaments on the tree around other chores. :fl:fl I can get it completed tomorrow and start wrapping gifts!!!! DS1 birthday is Thursday and I have to get his gift wrapped and we promised to take him to dinner this weekend too!


Crossing the Road
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Jul 1, 2020
Small town in Western Washington
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My Coop
Tomorrow we'll start opening the Advent Calendar. We get the big, flat kind that goes on the fridge. Each day we alternate who opens the little window and reads aloud the Bible passage it reveals. Low-key but we enjoy it. ☺️
We used to do the ones with little pictures, but this year I ordered a wooden one with little drawers. Put some christmas ornaments in it, gonna do some chocolate covered raisins for reindeer poop. Magnets, its gonna be a fun new tradition. :D

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