30+ FILL YOUR BATOR *SPECIAL* rare and SQ breeds !!!** NPIP** #2

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    MY BATORS ARE FULL and the hens are laying well so im offering one of my SPECIALs if you have ever got one of my fill your bator orders you know that you will get lots of extras and a verry good variaty of freash fertal pure blood eggs i always pack with upmost care to inshure that you have the best chance for a great hatch . there is no garentee on how manny of each breed you will get that will be hens choice "whatever is laid ON MONDAY " all breeds are in there own pen and i allways breed for the best my son shows almost all of my birds and dos verry well all eggs will be marked what breed they are

    i can't garentee your hatch rate due to shipping and your hatching methods my hatch rate here at home is 85/95%

    please paypal only withch is due at close of auction so eggs can ship on time my paypal is [email protected] WILL SHIP OUT TUSDAY MORNING

    here is a list of breeds you may get sorry no picking which breeds you whant this is a "SPECIAL"

    in LF
    PURE coronation susexs split susexs
    cochin blue,goldenlace, blue laced red progect
    motteld houdon
    black sumatra
    polish white crested blue/black
    NACKED NECK " may carry scaless geen "
    lite brahmas
    silver phinx
    silver YOKAHAMA
    wheaten and blue wheaten shamos
    silver spangle hamburgs

    in bantams
    bantam old english game- spangle, mottled, crele, BBR, silver blue, blue brested red, opal, self blue
    lite brown leghorn
    white faced spanish
    batam phinx golden/silver
    bantam americana pure lav,black/lav split, blue weaton
    bantam splash cochin
    bantam white rocks
    bantam red NNs
    bantam RIR
    bantam golden comets
    sillkies white, blue
    bantam cornish dark/blue laced red
    bantam brahma lite/buff
    brown red modern game



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