30 hens need a home in NE Ohio

They are white leghorns, 2 years of age flown in from California from a poultry egg farm rescue. I do not know much more on their history. Look healthy, treated for mites and lice. Trimmed beaks, a lot of feather loss but not naked. Just need tlc and a good loving home.
I live in Akron if you still need some help.....I have some bantams and Delawares already. They would not be alone. Did you say they were checked for disease also?
Darn! I'm in California!
I would love to take some of those girls.
Did these girls find a good home yet? I know someone in Northeast Ohio who would give them a very loving home, she recently lost 14 of her flock to predator attack. I also have room for a few with my flock. Please message me if any are still loving for chicken loving good homes

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