30+olive-EE-polish-cochin-mix many more less than 24hr auction

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    me again--I had 40+ eggs up for the 24 hr crazy auction and sold them except they need to pay with money order which mean the eggs will be older than I like to ship so Im offering up these for shipment tomorrow and will send the other buyer eggs when MO is recieved. This auction is for 30+ NOT 40+( DD took some for a baking project for school tonight!)
    This auction is from my mixed flock and some may be pure. I already have these packed up-just need an address:) If you want these USE THE BUY IT NOW PLEASE and pay paypal-BUY IT NOW INCLUDES SHIPPING...


    some of the possible moms
    standard cochin [​IMG]
    bantam cochin [​IMG]
    standard blue cochin [​IMG]

    possible dads
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