30 Week Old Dominique Still Not Laying

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by halleyd591, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Jan 4, 2017
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    I am a new Chicken Mama and LOVE my girls (and boy)!! I have 8 Hens and 1 Rooster. 4 different breeds: 2 Golden Buff, 2 Dominique, 2 Polish and 3 Silkies (one is my Roo). So far I am getting an egg a day from both Golden Buff and 1 Dominique. I am getting eggs from Polish and Silkies. I KNOW the other Dominique has not started laying. One Dominique has had to be separated due to pecking her flock mates...She lays an egg everyday so far since she started. Her eggs are much smaller and lighter in color than the Golden Buffs so I would assume I could tell a Dominique egg from theirs. Obviously the Silkie and Polish eggs are easy to tell the difference. Since the one has been separated I haven't found any eggs from the other one who is still with the rest. The one not laying is 30 weeks old and acts completely normal, eats, drinks, scratches and dust bathes. The only abnormality is 2 crooked toes that she has had since birth. Her comb and wattles are bright red but have been for a while. She also goes into the next box and sits for an hr at a time but doesn't lay. I don't think she's broody because she doesn't get hateful if i try to put my hand in the box while she's setting, and she doesn't spend all day in there.
    I am from NC where it was 80 degrees on Monday and it is supposed to get down to 20 tonight...it's crazy. I just find it odd she is the only one not laying. All hens lay eggs, right?? lol
    I guess I am just looking to hear that she may be a lonely late bloomer??
    All hens (except my silkes) were from a hatchery and I received them as 2 day old chicks.
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    Think of your chicks as kids, Some learn to walk sooner than others, Some talk sooner, etc, etc. Pullets, some start laying sooner etc. Give it some time. Sometimes it takes longer for a whole group of pullets if hatched late in the year and their normal laying time comes in dead winter---some times Not.

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